About E&A Meats

E&A Meats is a family-owned business founded on the pure and simple principle of ensuring we provide the freshest, most superior quality of meats to our customers at truly affordable prices. This commitment is not just one time, but every single time. We have experience serving the San Antonio and surrounding area communities for over a decade and look forward to doing so for many more years to come at E&A Meats. Our aim is to offer you a wide selection of premium products that are locally sourced and processed right here in the Texas Hill Country. Our selections meet a variety of needs while also supporting our local communities and ranchers.  We are fully engaged in a hands-on process from the sourcing and raising of our livestock, processing of the meat, and daily store operations which allows us to ensure and maintain the integrity of our product from our hands to yours. It is because of this that we can stand behind our product guarantees 100% and assure you that we are consistently providing a clean and healthy form of nutrition to you, our customers.

Why Halal?

Halal meat starts with the animal. It is important that animals are healthy and sustainably raised and nourished. This includes being free from derivatives that may negatively impact the health and quality of the meats you consume. Animals that are humanely raised and kept free of altering substances are a requirement for Halal meat. Due to the way halal slaughter is performed, it can significantly decrease the risk of bacteria and other harmful substances being present in the meat and its byproducts. One of the contributing factors of this is because of how the slaughter is performed which allows for the blood to be drained from the carcass faster and more effectively after it occurs; increasing its resistance to bacteria. Many also feel that the absence of blood, which contains lactic acid, lends to better tasting and more tender meat. Rest assured that when purchasing and consuming halal you are pursuing a cost-effective option made up of what you want most, meat, not weighed down by blood or additives, meaning you get more meat for your money.